Riley update

Just a little update on Miss Riley.

Things are going well. (Should I stop there? No, because you KNOW our life is not that easy.)

Riley has been complaining about an area on the left side of her head - more so by her left ear. She has actually been complaining about it since we got home, but brushed it off as just a headache, which is normal considering what she's been through. Yesterday, I call the NS resident on call and she NEVER called back. I can not express myself about that here or I may get kicked off blogger. So, I went for the next best option. I made an appointment with our pediatrician. Annika was not sure what was causing her pain, and because of the sponge issue, she wanted to make sure that there were no other pieces of foreign body in there, or worse, an infection. So, she ordered a CT scan. Riley and I went over to the hospital, had the first CT w/o contrast - thought they saw something, then had to traumatise the poor girl again by putting in an IV for the contrast for the 2ND CT. Honestly, she saw the IV coming and said, "I don't want another surgery. If somethings in there, just leave it". How sad is that?

Anyhow, The scans were normal - they didn't see anything fishy.

So, this morning she was still complaining of the soreness on the left side of her head. I finally called the NS back and got him directly! I told him what was going on and he said that it's from the vice grip they used (3 pins on each side of her holding her head still) during surgery. The pin may have punctured a blood vessel in the muscle and is now causing a "charlie horse" type of effect in her head. He told us that by now kids aren't complaining about it. So, if she still complaining by the middle of next week, we will have to take her back down.

How is that for Friday news??

I think I'll go back and stick with - Things are going well.

Edited~ I have decided now that the major surgery is over, to protect my behind, I am going to be starting a caringbridge page for Riley. I will post her caringbridge site here when I have it complete. Please check out our other chiari friends (we met while at the RMDH) CB site now linked on my link list.

NJ is going to having his first decompression surgery March 19th, and Nick had numerous surgeries. please keep them both in your prayers. Thanks.


Michelle said...

Well, the excitement just never ends, does it!?

Let's get together soon!

Kristen said...

Oh boy! I sure hope the feeling goes away this week.

Thanks for linking to NJ's site. I think the link might be broken though. It isn't working for me.

And finally, I hope I didn't offend you when I emailed you yesterday. I can't imagine having to make the decision on what to do regarding the sponge incident. I'm sure you'll decide what's right and I respect that. No one can really say for sure what they'd do in your position unless they've been in your shoes.(((HUGS)))

BoufMom9 said...

Wow! That sounds just horrible! I am so sorry that Riley is having pain. We will continue to keep her in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

I guess that is what you were doing rather than having lunch with me at Good Company. We will have to find a day when Nana and Papa are back.

Does it ever end for you guys... I will stop by next week, I have some stuff for the kids.

Hope you don't have to make a trip to chicago next week. Keep me posted!!


my4kids said...

I'm sorry she's not just feeling better and everythings fine. Hope it goes away real quick and you guys don't have to make another trip and that she just feels better. Poor kiddos been through enough! So has her mom....

Jean said...

Are any of Riley's side effects that she had prior to surgery gone or subsiding?

Anonymous said...

Well Cin, this is what we call "secondary war wounds". I'm sorry she's having it! More prayers that they resolve this week so you all don't have to make another trip down! (((hugs))) Kaci

Beth said...

We are certainly keeping Riley in our thoughts. I was flabergasted when I read the post about them leaving a sponge in - poor baby!! And yes, that broke my heart that she said she didn't want another surgery - poor girl!!!