Pictures as promised

I know some of these are repeats, but thought I would send them from start to finish. I even added a surprise picture at the end!

Tuesday - Day before surgery. Lovely Chicago weather, and traffic

Wed. right out of surgery- PICU

Day 2 PICU

Standing for the first time

Day 3 - Playroom

Decompression area - Sponge still in. Can you see it?

Papa, Keegan and Riley

Back at the RMDH - Initials from 2nd surgery.

And the picture everyone has been waiting to see! THE FAMOUS SPONGE!

It's in a urine sample cup.


Anonymous said...

That is one big sponge! Hope Riley is feeling tons better now :)

Anonymous said...




BoufMom9 said...

Holy! That is HUGE! Your poor little girl.
So glad it is out and she is ok.

Jean said...

I'm just glad that she didn't suffer any infections from it. Still, having to go through surgery again was bad enough!

my4kids said...

Wow that is big!
Glad she is doing so well and you are all at home now though!