# 2 - Molly

Oh boy, where to start with Molly.

Molly and I met about 4.5 years ago online - September 25, 2003 to be exact. We were both struggling with our weight and we both seeked out the Dr. Phil weight loss challenge. I had posted that I was from Wisconsin, and that I would be interested in partnering up with someone from the mid west. Molly emailed and wanted to know if I would be interested in partnering up with her. Here is our very first email.

Hi Cindy,
I read your message on the Dr. Phil Board, and wondered if you were still looking for someone to be an email buddy. My name is Molly, I'm 25 and a stay at home mom, and I have an 11 month old (soon to be 1 - sniff sniff). I have about ? pounds to lose and I'm just getting started. Please email me back if you are interested.

Molly :-)

That email was the start to our very crazy, very fun relationship. Except - we never even did the Dr. Phil challenge!

Molly and I have been through our first kids toddler stages together, her 1 to my 2. And then we both struggled to get pregnant again for the 2nd time. I had gone through fertility meds to get pregnant, and she had a bunch of test done as well. We talked almost everyday, wishing and hoping that one day our little pink lines would show.

April of 05, my pink lines showed up. I was so scared to tell Moll that I was pregnant because I knew she too wanted her pink lines. I finally broke down and told her the good news, knowing that she would be heartbroken, but really, she took the news well.

At that point, we also asked Molly and Kevin to be Carson's god parents. Molly was so excited.
Not 3 weeks later, Molly finally had her 2 little pink lines. We talked almost everyday about our pregnancies, how we were feeling, how hard it was this time around having other children at home, and so on and so forth. It was fun.

Now, as we speak, Molly is pregnant with her 3rd. I am so sad to not be participating with her, but I could not be happier for then! Here's to hoping it comes out healthy, and with pigtails!

I wish I saw Molly more because I consider her one of my best friends. Maybe one day, we'll live closer. Until then, we will see each other as often as we can, and our kids will continue to call each other "cousins".

This story could go on and on, but for now - I'll stop here.

Love ya Moll!


Lost A Sock said...

You're the best. Our story is too funny, that we started out on the weight loss board but didn't lose the weight until what, three years later? I hate to think how many diets later, too, hehe.

I too wish we could live closer, possibly in the duplex we've mentioned in the past, so we can shuffle our kids back and forth when it's "just one of those days." (Or we could hide in one house and put the kids in the other when it's REALLY one of those days, haha.)

Thanks for being such an awesome friend.

my4kids said...

I made a friend similar to that on a different weight loss sight a few years ago. We "talk" all the time but haven't met in person yet.

Amy W said...

Molly is great!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone needs a Molly!