Packed and ready to go. Hurdle # 1 - Leaving Riley at school tomorrow!!

Just an FYI ~ I will not be posting surgery updates here on my blog. If you care to follow along, please go to:


Happy St Patrick's Day!

Keegan's surgery is in 48 hours!!! So much to do yet before we leave in 24 hours!!


T minus 2 weeks!

Time is going by so fast, yet so slow! It is now just under 2 weeks until Keegan's surgery. Most of us are freaking out, but I have to admit, Keegan has really done an outstanding job of keeping it together. I also think that the unknown is probably saving him.

Riley on the other had is a mess. She is not handling this well at all. She has been getting in trouble at in class at school, which NEVER happens, she is moody, pushy, crabby.... I don't know what to do for this poor girl other than giving her lovin'. Last Wednesday, after school she had a full blow meltdown. Tears and all. She told me she DOES NOT want him to have this surgery. That she is sad for him. I believe part is because she knows what he is going to be going through for the next couple of weeks/months, and the other part is because - their twins. There is something about a twin bond.

So, Riley and I had a chat about how she can be expressing her anger/fear besides - pushing him, hitting him, stepping on the back of his shoes, and screaming at him. We will see how this next week turns out.

This Friday, Lincoln is holding a benefit for Keegan. They are having a dinner and mnight, along with a silent auction and a "cake walk". It should be a lot of fun. I know Keegan is looking forward to it!

So, that s about all that is going on right now. We are just trying to make it through.

Remember, to follow Keegan's surgery/recovery, you can go to - www.caringbridge.org/visit/keegancole