It's just about that time!!

In 15 days we will be joining a kazillion people for the most exciting walk EVER! I can't WAIT!! As you can see, our shirts are HERE! ! That makes it even more exciting! Thanks Keegan for modeling - even though you didn't want too!

I know, I have said it many of times before, but I can't even begin to tell you how much this walk means to our family! Children's hospital has done so much for us. This is our chance to give back.
Something else that makes this years walk totally special, is that we are walking in memory of my friends; Michelle and Brian's little girl, Lydia, who was delivered still born in May. Lydia has a twin sister Ruby. She is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen! Miss Ruby has downs syndrome, but it is not holding her back at all. She is growing like a weed and she has conquered rolling over!! She is a determined little girl! Go Ruby Go!!!

Ok, here is where YOU come in. This year I had decided to set my goal HIGH - $3,000!!! I was hoping that with our 2 families stories that we would be able to get pretty close to that. As of right now, I am only to $1,100. Now, I know I am not real great with math, but I do know that isn't even HALF! Come on!!! I know by my "stalker" list that there are quiet a few of you WISCONSIN. Do you have kids??? You can only hope to god that your child never needs CHW! But, if you find yourself walking through the doors of one of the greatest hospital in the world, wouldn't you want to know they have everything they need to help your child?? I sure would!
I also know that there a TON of you are not from Wisconsin, please, find a soft spot in your heart to help children like mine and the Zoromski's.

To donate, please click the donate button on my on my sidebar. As you "Stalk" us, you will be able to keep track of how well we are doing.

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts!
Carson, Cooper, Riley, Ruby, and Lydia!


Got Organization?

Last Friday, I posted a link to a contest that A mommy story was having. Her contest was to win THIS. That's right, a family planner!!! Guess what??? I WON!!!! I couldn't believe it. Out of 45 people, she picked us! Thank you Christina!!! I can not wait to get started! Hopefully things will run a little smoother around here!

Other than winning this great planner, it's been a pretty boring week around here. Today, Riley's teacher from Head Start came over to talk about school, and that she might get to ride the BUS!!! HOLY CRAP! Not sure how I feel about putting my 4 yr old on a school bus. Isn't 4 a little to young to be riding a bus all by herself???? The only good thing, if there is such a thing, is that I would never have to drive my kids to preschool - ever! Riley's school starts at 8:15, she could possibly be on the bus anywhere from 1 hour to 30min. Once we get her on the bus, the other 3 and I would walk a WHOLE BLOCK to drop off Keegan at school. I'm very excited about that part!!! No rushing to get everyone in the car to drop off and pick up! Yippy!!! I'm sure I will blog about this more come closer to time.

Anyways - here are a few pictures from the boys trip to Montana.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


From a view

The song that I picked for this Blog is our new car dancin' song! Carson just goes CRAZY when she hears it! Have you ever seen a 5 point harness carseat dance??
CLICK the link below the picture to hear the music.

Mims - Like This


Need some organization in your life?

I just found this cool blog that is doing a contest to win a Busybodybook.
I don't know about you all, but I need some organization in my life!!!
Go here to check it out!

Phrase of the day " Let's wait and see".

I think the title pretty much sums up how Cooper and Carson's appointment went yesterday.

If you don't mind, I am going to vent for a second -
I knew that was going to happen!

We did however have a pretty good conversation about what we should do, and how long we should wait. Dr. Jensen feels that we would not be doing Cooper any favors by going in to repair anything yet. He believes if we (listen to me -I sound like I'm doing the surgery) go in now, his skull will still be too thin to repair. He wants to give it another full year to grow. Both kids also have quite a bit of "ridging" going on that may also have to be surgically "smoothed" out.
He told me if we wait another 12 - 18 months that it won't hurt them any.
We will repeat the CT 1 year from now on both kids and determine what will come next from there.

Cooper, my little friend, has a bit of an issue with the growth of the new section that doctor Jensen cut out. Here is a picture (Ok, please don't make fun of my art!) Here is the Cole CT - the back is to your right. The areas on top are the ares Dr. Jensen removed and fixed. The dark shaded areas is what has healed and the bubble looking spots are the areas that have not healed. He has some spots as big as quarters still open. This could be an issues. If they don't heal by themselves, they will have to go in and surgically close them. Main topic for CT's 1 year from now.
Here is a picture of my "drunken sailor". Cooper would not sit still for the CT so they had to sedate him. They first tried with an IV, but by the time they got it in, we walked to the CT room he had pushed the IV out. So, they gave him a little oral med that made him drunk. He was TOO funny!
As for me, I guess I need to get my undies out of a bundle and just sit back and enjoy the ride. I am sure that we are far from done with Dr. Jensen and Children's Hospital!


Will he or Will he not....

...is what I am freaking out about!!!
Thursday, we are headed back down to Children's for Carson and Cooper's 1 yr post op (cranio vault surgery) appointment. Cooper will have a CT done first to see if he has any pressure, bleeding, or anything weird going on. The only thing that totally stinks about the CT is that he is not old enough to sit still for 45 seconds so they will most likely have to sedate him. I hate it. They end up all cranky for the rest of the day just for a 45 second test. You'd think there would be an easier way.
At 1:15 we will get to see Dr. Jensen. This is the part I am going schizo about. Last year at this time, when Cooper was in for surgery, they were only able to fix 1 of the 2 skull sutures that he has fused. But because they were preemies, at 10 months his bone in his forehead was still too thin to repair. Dr. Jensen had decided to just let it go and reevaluate it again when he is 2. He was hoping that by fixing his sagittal suture it would pull his metopic suture apart some. Well, I some aspect it did. The vertical " speed bump" in his forehead has gone down some, but in my eyes, not enough. I am truly hoping that when I spill my fears about " just leaving it" or "wait and see" Dr. Jensen will side with me. Don't get me wrong, I DO NOT want to go through another surgery with any of my kids, but if it needs to be done I would like it done sooner than later for Cooper's sake.
I have been doing my research about "what if's" and to be honest - It scares the effing shit right out of me. If the metopic area is left untreated = The major complications associated with uncorrected craniosynostosis include increased intracranial pressure(which could possibly lead to ADD or ADHD, asymmetry of the face, and malocclusion (Alignment of teeth). Asymmetry of the orbits leads to strabismus (strabismus involves deviation of the alignment of one eye in relation to the other). So, can you see why I have my undies all in a bundle? I don't want to put my child through another HUGE surgery, but I also don't want this to affect him as he gets older.
I guess all I can do is hope to god that the CT is cut and dry. Yes, he needs surgery, or No, he doesn't. Not this" let's wait and see" crap. If that comes up in topic I think I will just lose it.

Ok, Wish us luck!

*If you take a peek at the wonderful header my dear friend Molly made for me, there is a picture of Cooper in the top right corner. If you look at his forhead, you can see the "speed bump". Underneath his picture is a picture of Cooper , Carson, and our favorite cranial facial doctor - Dr. Jensen.

Kids say the darndest things

Ok, So last night Matt was in charge of all 4 kids. This morning Matt tells me he had a conversation with Cooper and it went like this:

Matt: " Cooper can you say Taco"

Cooper: "Dildo"

Matt: "Cooper, Taco?"

Cooper: "Dildo"


Update on Carson 8.21.07


Glad to see that everyone made it over ok. I am sure you are wondering why I moved, right? Well, to be honest, I broke my blog! Yup, that's right, I BROKE MY BLOG! Notice how my sidebar is at the bottom of the page? Yah, not where it's supposed to be. My friend Michelle and her wonderful husband even tried to help me. No such luck! I BROKE MY BLOG!!!

As for Carson, this morning she had tubes placed in her ears, and a stint(I think that's the right word) put in her right tear duct. It went quick! They came to get us at 7:50a, they gave her a little "loopy juice", they took her into the OR at 8am, she was in recovery at 8:45, and we were on the road by 9:15. She slept 3/4 of the way home and is doing well.

Definitely a piece of cake compared to her cranial vault repair.

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.

*Here is a link to the beginning of my SANITY blog: http://twinsxtwo.blogspot.com/