Got Organization?

Last Friday, I posted a link to a contest that A mommy story was having. Her contest was to win THIS. That's right, a family planner!!! Guess what??? I WON!!!! I couldn't believe it. Out of 45 people, she picked us! Thank you Christina!!! I can not wait to get started! Hopefully things will run a little smoother around here!

Other than winning this great planner, it's been a pretty boring week around here. Today, Riley's teacher from Head Start came over to talk about school, and that she might get to ride the BUS!!! HOLY CRAP! Not sure how I feel about putting my 4 yr old on a school bus. Isn't 4 a little to young to be riding a bus all by herself???? The only good thing, if there is such a thing, is that I would never have to drive my kids to preschool - ever! Riley's school starts at 8:15, she could possibly be on the bus anywhere from 1 hour to 30min. Once we get her on the bus, the other 3 and I would walk a WHOLE BLOCK to drop off Keegan at school. I'm very excited about that part!!! No rushing to get everyone in the car to drop off and pick up! Yippy!!! I'm sure I will blog about this more come closer to time.

Anyways - here are a few pictures from the boys trip to Montana.

Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


nailgirl said...

It took me a little while to understand that there was no plane, hotel, or anything like that. Then I realized why...... It was a g u y trip.

Lost A Sock said...

The view from the hotel was incredible!! Great trip pictures (but, um, a little too much roughing it for me...)