Surgery Day

Today is surgery day for Carson. She is in as we speak.

I will not be posting her progress here. If you care to check in on her, got to


Please keep her in your prayers.


The saddest thing I've ever seen

With only 3 days before we leave for Milwaukee for her second cranial vault reconstruction , we were advised to "shave" Carson's head. So today, while I still had the courage, I clipped Carson's hair, and Cooper's and Keegan's. Now I have the 3 amigos! (Sorry, no pics)

Here is a pic of the area they are a bit concerned with, where her brain is pushing the skull out(lump on top of her head). It's amazing how well you can see it with no hair!!!
So, now my little girl is BALD, and it's going to be a a long time before it grows back.
Now, I know I don't ask for much, but now I am reaching out. I noticed how well the community came together when I started "Kaps for Karly". So today, I am going to start "Capps for Carson". I am looking for really soft hats (for outside(Fall/Winter). Because she will be so swollen for a bit, I would need hats that would fit a 4 or 5 yr old.
If you are interested, please let me know.


Feng Shui

I swear to GOD that if this would really work, I'd do it!!!!

Ugh, So we are back from our long trip out to NJ.

As you know, Carson had been battling a fever for a week while we were out there and then it went away and now it's back. Yesterday I took Carson to the ped and they took a urine sample, by catheter, I may add, and it came back that she has a "flaming" UTI.


Now, Surgery will not go on as planned if it is not gone by Wed. Anyone got any tips to give me on how to get her to take oral meds without throwing them back up????

Bad news is.... The ped wants to look into why she is having this UTI. That means, ultra sounds of her kidneys, bladder, etc, and then the dye test - in through a catheter and watch it come out.

Luckily, they will wait to do that until AFTER the surgery on Wed - if it's gone by then.

Just what I need, more Chaos!!

On a good note, Cooper is good for another 2 years. His CT was great and all looks good except for a few smaller holes!!


It's back

Just in time to start driving home tomorrow, Carson's temp of 104 is back!!
I do not get it. She has no other symptoms, and no one else got it after her last bout with it.

I talk to the docs and they told me not to take her to the ER unless other symptoms arise.

We will most likely be driving straight through to get her home to the doctor. They want ALL blood labs done including a test for leukemia. I promise not to worry until I see that results!

I don't have a clue what the issue is, but we are only 10 days out from surgery, and THAT is making me nervous!

I will post more when we get home.


That never happened to me

So last night Phelps broke that WR and got a gold in the 200 fly - all with his goggles filled with water!!!

Out of we four girls( my age group relay), Glynis, Me, Kerri , and Katie - I swam fly.

I can't even tell you how many times my goggles flooded and I never broke the WR or won an Olympic gold!!!

How come that never happened to me?????

Go Phelps!


Did you catch it?


Most of you know I grew up in a swimming family and swam competitively for 15 yrs of my life. But I do not believe I saw anything as exciting as the US men's 400 free relay last night!!! It was AMAZING!!! They beat out France, coming from a 1/2 body behind, and beat them by .08 of a second!

It was especially sweet after the French had made the comment - "We are going to SMASH them" (meaning the US).

I am so looking forward to Michael Phelps getting his 8 gold medals this Olympics!!!!



It's a DIFFERENT Green

As you know, we are out in New Jersey right now, and so is BRETT FAVRE!

Today, I caught my first glimps of a FAVRE Jets jersey. It just does not seem right and actually make me angry and sad at the same time. I had my hand, a Jets t- shirt, with FAVRE and the #4 on the back and I was so wanting to buy it, but I couldn't. In my eyes and I am sure many others, he will always be a PACKER!

Good luck BRETT!

To all you JETS fans, take good care of OUR GREEN BAY hero!

I will keep wearing my # 4 Favre Packer jersey!!


It even followed us out East!

I am writing from my cousins house in PA.

The trip started out great! We got to my MIL in Indiana on Sunday evening and had dinner with my MIL, Matt's grandma, brother, and his girlfriend. It was great to see everyone! I wish we lived closer and got to see more often.

Monday morning we hit the road and met up with Kaci, up until Monday, my "online" mentor / girlfriend!! It was SO fun to finally met her and her family!! Thanks so much for lunch! We had a blast! My kids can't stop talking about it Kac!!!

Then, all hell broke loose. Carson had been sick Sunday night. She felt warm, but thought it was going to pass. Monday morning, we are on our way to my MIL for breakfast and she throws up in the car!!

I ran into Kmart, grabbed a thermometer, and chewable Tylenol. I tried to take her tempo under her arm, but it only read 99.3.

We drove to Kaci's house, Carson was pale, slept alot, and for most part VERY quiet.

At Kaci's, I decided to take her temp - yup, in her rump. I about died - 104.7
We have NOT been able to get it any lower than 102.6 (with meds- with out, it goes back upto 103 - 104.). She is not doing well. She did however get a swim or two in at the hotels. God forbid she miss that!!!

Tomorrow, we will keep going to my gram's in NJ. If she is not better, I will have to take her to the hospital!!
Come on man....can't I get a break from the HOSPITAL even on VACATION!!!!

Everyone else is doing well. The trip is going great, and the 3 others are having a blast!!

I will keep you updated!


And..... we are off!

For a L.O.N.G drive out east! New Jersey that is!

We (everyone except my poor husband and the dog) are headed out to see my grandma and relatives for a nice break before all he** breaks loose before Carson surgery.

We will make a few pit stops along the way. First to my MIL in Ft. Wayne, In. We will stay the night there, and then hit the road in the morning for Bellefontaine, OH - where F.I.N.A.L.L.Y I will MET my friend KACI for the first time! Am I EXCITED?? Only a WEE BIT!!!!

Then onto Johnstown, where they have a ZEPKA Harley Davidson store - which I believe my parents are giddy about seeing. Back into the car and off to York, PA where we will stay with my cousin and her family. The next morning, we will pound the final stretch to NJ!

All with 2 grandparents, a mom, 2 - 5 yr. olds, and 2 - 2 yr. olds! UGH!

While we are out there, our plans are to: Visit with family and friends, go into New York City, catch a Yankees game, throw my dad's birthday party, RELAX (if that is possible), RELAX, and RELAX!

I should have access to a computer while I am out there so I will keep you all up to date on our adventures!