Feng Shui

I swear to GOD that if this would really work, I'd do it!!!!

Ugh, So we are back from our long trip out to NJ.

As you know, Carson had been battling a fever for a week while we were out there and then it went away and now it's back. Yesterday I took Carson to the ped and they took a urine sample, by catheter, I may add, and it came back that she has a "flaming" UTI.


Now, Surgery will not go on as planned if it is not gone by Wed. Anyone got any tips to give me on how to get her to take oral meds without throwing them back up????

Bad news is.... The ped wants to look into why she is having this UTI. That means, ultra sounds of her kidneys, bladder, etc, and then the dye test - in through a catheter and watch it come out.

Luckily, they will wait to do that until AFTER the surgery on Wed - if it's gone by then.

Just what I need, more Chaos!!

On a good note, Cooper is good for another 2 years. His CT was great and all looks good except for a few smaller holes!!

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Kamie said...

Anything hiding in the center of your home? I was huge into Feng Shui a few years ago. :) Put a live plant in a square pot there.

Or amythest... I have some, it's also a power thing... which is OK to have too. Or a crystal.

Thinking of you.