It's a DIFFERENT Green

As you know, we are out in New Jersey right now, and so is BRETT FAVRE!

Today, I caught my first glimps of a FAVRE Jets jersey. It just does not seem right and actually make me angry and sad at the same time. I had my hand, a Jets t- shirt, with FAVRE and the #4 on the back and I was so wanting to buy it, but I couldn't. In my eyes and I am sure many others, he will always be a PACKER!

Good luck BRETT!

To all you JETS fans, take good care of OUR GREEN BAY hero!

I will keep wearing my # 4 Favre Packer jersey!!


Anonymous said...

apparently those jerseys are the hot thing today...you should probably snag one up while you can!!! everyone here is trying to get one! maybe buy lots and sell them on ebay and you'll be rich :)
hope you're having fun!

BoufMom9 said...

I feel the same way and I live in NJ. It just isn't right! Brett should ALWAYS be a Packer!
ps Can't wait to meet you!!!