The saddest thing I've ever seen

With only 3 days before we leave for Milwaukee for her second cranial vault reconstruction , we were advised to "shave" Carson's head. So today, while I still had the courage, I clipped Carson's hair, and Cooper's and Keegan's. Now I have the 3 amigos! (Sorry, no pics)

Here is a pic of the area they are a bit concerned with, where her brain is pushing the skull out(lump on top of her head). It's amazing how well you can see it with no hair!!!
So, now my little girl is BALD, and it's going to be a a long time before it grows back.
Now, I know I don't ask for much, but now I am reaching out. I noticed how well the community came together when I started "Kaps for Karly". So today, I am going to start "Capps for Carson". I am looking for really soft hats (for outside(Fall/Winter). Because she will be so swollen for a bit, I would need hats that would fit a 4 or 5 yr old.
If you are interested, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Adorable as ever Miss Carson!!!!You are always in our thoughts!Joy & Anna

Angela said...

Ya know, those bright shining eyes still make her utterly adorable! I'm sure she will be stunning in a hat too!

Marisa Hester in Alabama said...

I would love to send her some hats, I lost all my hair at the age of 16 and was devestated and my friends and church family had a hat party for me it was awesome. After 3 years we found a treatment and my hair grew back but I will never forget my hat party. my email is taylormaes0n@aol.com. I will be praying for your little girl and your entire family.

Michelle said...

You can have ANY of Karly's hats that will fit her!!

I tried to email you last night, but it came back. I'm useless without my laptop & my saved email addresses!

Anyway! In answer to your comment - Ruby's surgery is next Thursday, but we leave on Weds. Carson's surgery is Weds, right?

I wish we'd be in MKE with you! When are you leaving? Do you want to get together to look at Karly's hats??

Anonymous said...

Coney and Crew

I will be on a mission for hats for Carson because when Lori's Carli had her surgury she had her head shaved also and her class did hats for Carli. I will check with Lori and see if she still has any . If not I will get some funky hats for Carson. our Love and prayers are with you all the time and her beauty is in her face and personality.
Coney and family

Michelle said...

Hey - I'm linking to you, about hats. AND I stole your pic of Carson!! Hope you don't mind - and I hope you get as many hats as we did!

Let me know if you want me to drop off Karly's hats before you leave. What day do you leave?!

Call me!

Megryansmom said...


I found your blog through Molly's blog. Just sending well wishes and prayers for Carson.

BoufMom9 said...

I will be thinking and praying for you tomorrow.
Poor bald girlie!
I will certainly help out with the caps and would you like me to mention it on my fundraiser blog? Maybe i could make a button up with a picture of Miss carson?