Did you catch it?


Most of you know I grew up in a swimming family and swam competitively for 15 yrs of my life. But I do not believe I saw anything as exciting as the US men's 400 free relay last night!!! It was AMAZING!!! They beat out France, coming from a 1/2 body behind, and beat them by .08 of a second!

It was especially sweet after the French had made the comment - "We are going to SMASH them" (meaning the US).

I am so looking forward to Michael Phelps getting his 8 gold medals this Olympics!!!!



Terri said...

I missed it last night, but heard about it and had to go watch it on the web! AMAZING! and yes, I also heard the "we are here to smash them" comment and I am SSOOO glad Team USA showed them! Enjoying watching Phleps as well!


Anonymous said...

Wasn't it great!?!

It was totally worth staying up for and I'm so glad I did.

Did any of the other 3 end up with a fever? Hope they are well and you all are able to enjoy the rest of vacation.


Barbara Manatee said...

I'm bummed...I always watch the Olympics, but since we were traveling this weekend, I didn't catch anything yet and haven't even seen the news or read the paper to learn what's been happening so far! Glad to catch some updates here and there...Enjoy the games!