It even followed us out East!

I am writing from my cousins house in PA.

The trip started out great! We got to my MIL in Indiana on Sunday evening and had dinner with my MIL, Matt's grandma, brother, and his girlfriend. It was great to see everyone! I wish we lived closer and got to see more often.

Monday morning we hit the road and met up with Kaci, up until Monday, my "online" mentor / girlfriend!! It was SO fun to finally met her and her family!! Thanks so much for lunch! We had a blast! My kids can't stop talking about it Kac!!!

Then, all hell broke loose. Carson had been sick Sunday night. She felt warm, but thought it was going to pass. Monday morning, we are on our way to my MIL for breakfast and she throws up in the car!!

I ran into Kmart, grabbed a thermometer, and chewable Tylenol. I tried to take her tempo under her arm, but it only read 99.3.

We drove to Kaci's house, Carson was pale, slept alot, and for most part VERY quiet.

At Kaci's, I decided to take her temp - yup, in her rump. I about died - 104.7
We have NOT been able to get it any lower than 102.6 (with meds- with out, it goes back upto 103 - 104.). She is not doing well. She did however get a swim or two in at the hotels. God forbid she miss that!!!

Tomorrow, we will keep going to my gram's in NJ. If she is not better, I will have to take her to the hospital!!
Come on man....can't I get a break from the HOSPITAL even on VACATION!!!!

Everyone else is doing well. The trip is going great, and the 3 others are having a blast!!

I will keep you updated!


Michelle said...

I was kind of enjoying your blog silence, ASSUMING all was well while you were on your fabulous vacation. OH MY GOSH! I hope Carson's feeling better soon & that it's nothing serious.

Kristen said...

Oh no! I hope she feels better real soon. (((HUGS)))

Angela said...

Aw Nuts. I've been thinking about this all night since reading your blog and I'll bet anything she picked up something at the diaper study. It snapped into my head around midnight that it seemed like everytime I took the kids to a study, within days they would end up sick. I sure hope she can get better on her own -- and fast! Sounds like a nasty bug.

Anonymous said...

Cin ~ I so enjoyed our visit! I wish for you and her that Carson would've felt better! Its so preoccupying wondering what it could be. We had a great time and the kids are telling everyone about it that we've seen. :)

The kids and I have started cleaning the toy room....what a chore! We have a big box of goodies to send to the kids. :)

Safe travels to grams and here's hoping Carson's fever comes down!! Lots of fluids for her and hugs for all of you.


Becky said...

Hope you made it to NJ ok... and that Carson is feeling better. Looking forward to seeing you guys while you are out here! Hopefully the rest of the crew doesn't catch the bug and you guys can have some fun!! Let me know when you plan to go to NYC and when you want to get together!

BoufMom9 said...

OH no! Have I missed you???? I was out of town but I am in NJ now!
Are you still in NJ????
email me please!!!!!