That never happened to me

So last night Phelps broke that WR and got a gold in the 200 fly - all with his goggles filled with water!!!

Out of we four girls( my age group relay), Glynis, Me, Kerri , and Katie - I swam fly.

I can't even tell you how many times my goggles flooded and I never broke the WR or won an Olympic gold!!!

How come that never happened to me?????

Go Phelps!


Becky said...

you are such a nut.. had so much fun with you guys on Saturday. Hope the rest of your trip is uneventful and relaxing. See you in Wisconsin in a few weeks!

BTW.. Josh is still talking about Keegan and Joe.. grin Oh and Matty would like a Barbie.. he he he...

Anonymous said...

If we only had the suits - that would have made the difference. Oh, and if I would have spent as much time on actually swimming instead of screwing around :)