Measurement Monday

Good Monday Morning! I have so much exciting news to share! First, my weigh in...

Last week I hit a wall and lost practically nothing. I was hoping that this week wasnt going to be the same.

This weeks loss - 4 lbs

Total loss: 16 lbs and another 2 inches from my waist! WAHOO!

This coming week is going to be a bit harder, because I have of alot going on! I guess I can only do the best that I can!

The other exciting news - I have been reconnected with my birth mother! Its been an overwhelming situation, but none the less, FUN!

I have an uncle who had been activly searching for me, and an aunt who has been my uncles biggest cheerleader and many other family memebers who remember me. My mother is the oldest of 3 girls and she has 2 - 1/2 brothers. I also found out that I have a 1/2 sister!! I have always wanted a sister!! She is 29 and married.

This coming weekend will be the moment of truth! I will be getting to meet my birth mother, her father, and a bunch of other "new' family members! I am so excited and I just cant wait!!

Stay tuned....I will post as things progress!


Measurement Monday

Well folks, we've all watch Biggest Loser, and we all know what happens by the 2nd and or 3rd week, RIGHT? You hit a BRICK wall! Week 3 was my wall.

Weight loss: .03 lbs

I also lost another 1/2 inch off my waist. So even though it was a tough weight loss week, I am happy that another 1/2 inch is gone!

No news on the adoption front yet this week. Hoping for good news!


Adoption info

Today I was told that there is legal paternity established. My Social worker found my birth father and left him a voice mail. He has to agree to a reunion before I can get my birth mothers info. IF he says "NO", I wont be able to have any contact with my birth Mother, but will still get the updated family history. If he says YES, there is a possiblity that I will get to meet BOTH of my biological parents! It may be another couple weeks (if it goes my way) before I have any contact with them.

Also found out that when (or IF) the social worker gets a hold of my birth father she will give him the OPTION - If he doesnt want anything to do with me, he can say "NO", but if he agrees to my birth mother and I meeting- he can agree to that too. So, NO on his part, can also mean YES for my birth mom and I. Does that make any sense? I also found ... See Moreout something interesting...HE requested 2 paternity test. He did NOT want to believe he was my birth father so they went to court twice for paternity. Im hoping he doesnt still have a "sour" taste in his mouth over my birth mother getting pregnant!!

AND, the social worker mentioned to my birth mom that we have 2 sets of twins....Maybe that moved her? Maybe it will touch my birth father???


Measurement Monday and more info

Well, week 2 of being on WW went almost as well as week 1!

Todays weight loss: -5lbs!!

Toal weight lost: 12 lbs!!

Plus, 2 inches gone from my waist!! Not to shabby!!

Birth mom info: My social worker from the state found and contacted my birth Mother last week. She still live in Wisconsin and is "THRILLED" that they found her and "would love to be in touch with me!"
They contacted her on Wed, and the consent form( to share info) was sent out that same day. Now we wait for her to return the consent form which will hopefully be sometime this week!!! I am hoping by Friday, at the latest, that I will have more info about her!!
I will keep you posted!


Measurement Monday!

Ok, I totally forgot to post yesterday about my loss!

My first week on - 7lbs!! WAHOO!!!

It feels so good to be back on. I just cant believe how much easier it is to do when you are ready to diet and not forcing yourself to do it.

I also have some adoption info -

INFO: MOTHER - oldest of 3 siblings, 16 yrs old, finished 10th grade, parents divorced and remarried, 5'7 / 160 lbs. FATHER: oldest of 2 sons, 18/19 yrs old, HS graduate, blond hair, blue eyes, 5'9 / 180 stocky build.

I will post more when I have it!


Measurement Monday's

Hey everyone~

After battling another surgery this past March, I decided that it is FINALLY time for me to take a step back and work on "me". So, I have hit the weight loss road AGAIN with my old and dear friend, Becky.

I started back on my Weight watchers and this week has been fantastic. I cant believe how easy it was this time to get started. I guess when you know you are ready, YOU'RE READY!

So, besides being honest with Becky every Monday (and every other week day that ends in "Y") I've decided to share my progress with you all. I think the more people that ride my tail, the better I will do.

So, watch for an update this coming Monday morning, and everyone after that.

Happy weight loss!