Measurement Monday

Good Monday Morning! I have so much exciting news to share! First, my weigh in...

Last week I hit a wall and lost practically nothing. I was hoping that this week wasnt going to be the same.

This weeks loss - 4 lbs

Total loss: 16 lbs and another 2 inches from my waist! WAHOO!

This coming week is going to be a bit harder, because I have of alot going on! I guess I can only do the best that I can!

The other exciting news - I have been reconnected with my birth mother! Its been an overwhelming situation, but none the less, FUN!

I have an uncle who had been activly searching for me, and an aunt who has been my uncles biggest cheerleader and many other family memebers who remember me. My mother is the oldest of 3 girls and she has 2 - 1/2 brothers. I also found out that I have a 1/2 sister!! I have always wanted a sister!! She is 29 and married.

This coming weekend will be the moment of truth! I will be getting to meet my birth mother, her father, and a bunch of other "new' family members! I am so excited and I just cant wait!!

Stay tuned....I will post as things progress!

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Anonymous said...

OMG Cindy!!! I hope you have a fabulous weekend with everything going on. May you open new doors for new relationships and new beginnings.

Hugs - Carrie W.