Adoption info

Today I was told that there is legal paternity established. My Social worker found my birth father and left him a voice mail. He has to agree to a reunion before I can get my birth mothers info. IF he says "NO", I wont be able to have any contact with my birth Mother, but will still get the updated family history. If he says YES, there is a possiblity that I will get to meet BOTH of my biological parents! It may be another couple weeks (if it goes my way) before I have any contact with them.

Also found out that when (or IF) the social worker gets a hold of my birth father she will give him the OPTION - If he doesnt want anything to do with me, he can say "NO", but if he agrees to my birth mother and I meeting- he can agree to that too. So, NO on his part, can also mean YES for my birth mom and I. Does that make any sense? I also found ... See Moreout something interesting...HE requested 2 paternity test. He did NOT want to believe he was my birth father so they went to court twice for paternity. Im hoping he doesnt still have a "sour" taste in his mouth over my birth mother getting pregnant!!

AND, the social worker mentioned to my birth mom that we have 2 sets of twins....Maybe that moved her? Maybe it will touch my birth father???

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