LOST A.....

Do you ever feel like you life is slipping away from you so fast that you have no idea which way to turn first?Have you ever felt like you've lost your best friend or that you are stuck in the middle of a corn field and cant find your way out?Ever feel like all the people who are important in your life are no longer just an arms reach away?Or that your scale is playing a nasty trick on you but you know deep down you need to do something about it?Ever feel like you are about to bungie jump and instead of stopping,you keep flying up and down?

I do.



Let me first start out by saying....It is so good to be home! What is it about vacations? Why are we always so excited to leave, but we are always more excited to be home afterwards?
My parents, the kids, and I drove out to New Jersey in July to see my mom's family. My gram is in a nursing home and is not very excited to be there, but let me tell you, her face lit up when she saw my kiddos. She was so proud to have her great grandchildren there with her! It was a beautiful thing!!
On top of visiting with family, we did a few fun things as well! My highlight from this trip was being able to get to a New York Yankee game! It was fantastic to say the least!!

It was HOT!

My "main" guy ~ Jorge Posada! If you guys dont know this man, you need too! He is not just a fantastic player, but a fantastic human being! Jorge and Laura also have a child with Craniosynostosis . Jorge jr. has been through 10 different surgeries to correct his skull.

10 yrs ago, Jorge and Laura Posada started the Jorge Posada Foundation to help support families who had been touched with craniosynostosis. Last year Carson and Cooper were invited to the Jorge Posada foundation Gala in New York City and and we had blast. We chatted with Jorge, Laura, and many other families who has been touched with this condition. It was a very nice evening. Something I will always remember.

Derek (clap, clap, clap), Jetter (clap, clap,clap)
A -Rod hit 599 while we were out in NY, but decided to wait a bit longer on 600!
Congrats Alex!
For you that may not know, Alex started his career right here in my home town with the Appleton Foxes!

We took the kids (Joe too) to the Statue of Liberty

And it was HOT!

We took them to the Empire State Building

We walked around NYC - you just never know who you will meet on the street!

And we had a bit a play time too! Did I mention it was HOT?

We had a fantastic time and we can wait to get back out there again soon!