Phrase of the day " Let's wait and see".

I think the title pretty much sums up how Cooper and Carson's appointment went yesterday.

If you don't mind, I am going to vent for a second -
I knew that was going to happen!

We did however have a pretty good conversation about what we should do, and how long we should wait. Dr. Jensen feels that we would not be doing Cooper any favors by going in to repair anything yet. He believes if we (listen to me -I sound like I'm doing the surgery) go in now, his skull will still be too thin to repair. He wants to give it another full year to grow. Both kids also have quite a bit of "ridging" going on that may also have to be surgically "smoothed" out.
He told me if we wait another 12 - 18 months that it won't hurt them any.
We will repeat the CT 1 year from now on both kids and determine what will come next from there.

Cooper, my little friend, has a bit of an issue with the growth of the new section that doctor Jensen cut out. Here is a picture (Ok, please don't make fun of my art!) Here is the Cole CT - the back is to your right. The areas on top are the ares Dr. Jensen removed and fixed. The dark shaded areas is what has healed and the bubble looking spots are the areas that have not healed. He has some spots as big as quarters still open. This could be an issues. If they don't heal by themselves, they will have to go in and surgically close them. Main topic for CT's 1 year from now.
Here is a picture of my "drunken sailor". Cooper would not sit still for the CT so they had to sedate him. They first tried with an IV, but by the time they got it in, we walked to the CT room he had pushed the IV out. So, they gave him a little oral med that made him drunk. He was TOO funny!
As for me, I guess I need to get my undies out of a bundle and just sit back and enjoy the ride. I am sure that we are far from done with Dr. Jensen and Children's Hospital!

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nailgirl said...

You know I hate that wait and seee bullshit too. I am soso sorry. I am about to go another rond with Camerons Orthopedic surgeon again, but that is a post for my blog.