Will he or Will he not....

...is what I am freaking out about!!!
Thursday, we are headed back down to Children's for Carson and Cooper's 1 yr post op (cranio vault surgery) appointment. Cooper will have a CT done first to see if he has any pressure, bleeding, or anything weird going on. The only thing that totally stinks about the CT is that he is not old enough to sit still for 45 seconds so they will most likely have to sedate him. I hate it. They end up all cranky for the rest of the day just for a 45 second test. You'd think there would be an easier way.
At 1:15 we will get to see Dr. Jensen. This is the part I am going schizo about. Last year at this time, when Cooper was in for surgery, they were only able to fix 1 of the 2 skull sutures that he has fused. But because they were preemies, at 10 months his bone in his forehead was still too thin to repair. Dr. Jensen had decided to just let it go and reevaluate it again when he is 2. He was hoping that by fixing his sagittal suture it would pull his metopic suture apart some. Well, I some aspect it did. The vertical " speed bump" in his forehead has gone down some, but in my eyes, not enough. I am truly hoping that when I spill my fears about " just leaving it" or "wait and see" Dr. Jensen will side with me. Don't get me wrong, I DO NOT want to go through another surgery with any of my kids, but if it needs to be done I would like it done sooner than later for Cooper's sake.
I have been doing my research about "what if's" and to be honest - It scares the effing shit right out of me. If the metopic area is left untreated = The major complications associated with uncorrected craniosynostosis include increased intracranial pressure(which could possibly lead to ADD or ADHD, asymmetry of the face, and malocclusion (Alignment of teeth). Asymmetry of the orbits leads to strabismus (strabismus involves deviation of the alignment of one eye in relation to the other). So, can you see why I have my undies all in a bundle? I don't want to put my child through another HUGE surgery, but I also don't want this to affect him as he gets older.
I guess all I can do is hope to god that the CT is cut and dry. Yes, he needs surgery, or No, he doesn't. Not this" let's wait and see" crap. If that comes up in topic I think I will just lose it.

Ok, Wish us luck!

*If you take a peek at the wonderful header my dear friend Molly made for me, there is a picture of Cooper in the top right corner. If you look at his forhead, you can see the "speed bump". Underneath his picture is a picture of Cooper , Carson, and our favorite cranial facial doctor - Dr. Jensen.


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