Birth to 3 saves the day!

First and foremost, after reading everyone's comments on wether to blog Riley's recovery or set up a caringbridge page, I have decided to post her recovery here. So, no need to look any further for updates. They will be right here at your finger tips....play by play.
Next - Birth to 3 saved the day yesterday by bringing Riley a NEW Spinoza bear! This time, we will leave him in his box until it is time to leave on Tuesday. We know he works, and he will be safe and sound until we REALLY need him! Thanks "J".
Other than that...I don't have much else to blog, except that in my "spare time" I beaded 20 little bracelets for Riley's classmates for Valentine's day (her request), unpacked the first floor bathroom so it's ready for demolishion on the 18th, and total reconstruction on the 19th (so it's done and ready for our return on the 23rd?) done 30,000,000 loads of laundry, picked up the house a zillion times, started to pack Riley and I, got Keegan all organized for the time that we'll be gone.....and changed the pet fish and hermit crabs house.
Now, it's time to go eat some BON BON'S!


Michelle said...

Yippee!!!!! I'm so glad Riley has another bear to go with her!! Hooray for birth to 3!

nailgirl said...

Cindy did you get my post about the bracelets? I still want them but cant get the pay pal to work. Can I send you a money order?

BoufMom9 said...

Wow! 30,000,000 loads of laundry! LOL
Glad you got a new working bear. Atleast one thing to set your mind at ease.
Seriously, have a bon bon or two!

my4kids said...

Yeah! I'm so glad Riley got a new bear!
I certainly feel like I do 30,000,000 loads of laundry somedays.....
I agree with the comment above, do have a bon bon or two! You certainly deserve it!