Happy Valentine's day.
Riley's journey thus far.
Gotta love winter Chicago traffic
A view from the sunroof
Riley playing in the playroom
Riley and Zoe
Holding strong in pre op - Spinoza sporting her hat!
Right out of surgery
24 hours later
BIG ouch!


tish said...

Oh wow, Riley looks good. So sweet. No big head or neck bandages as I might have imagined.

Thanks for the continuing updates.

Anonymous said...

I am glad that Riley looks like she is holding in strong. Give her a kiss from me, Mike and the boys. We are looking forward to the B-team this weekend.

Anonymous said...

you look great and have been so strong, you are a brave little girl. I hope things get better soon and can not wait to see your art projects.


Amy W said...

She looks so beautiful...thanks for the updates.

And I am going to get something in the mail this weekend to the Ronald Mcdonald house

Michelle said...

Oh she looks so sweet - and strong! I hope she's feeling well.

Angela said...

She looks so much better than I thought! I thought they'd have to shave more of her hair. She isn't even that swollen - it seems everyone that has surgery swells following it. She is such a trooper! I pray this is the worst of your problems with Chiari.

BoufMom9 said...

I agree. I wasn't expecting her to look so good already.
Such sweet photos.

Beth said...

What a brave little girl!!! Keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!

my4kids said...

What a brave little girl! She looks so little in the after pictures though. They always seem to don't they?