xray results

All I can do is giggle inside because seriously, this crap can only happen to us!

Are you ready for this? There is a foriegn object btwn her skull and skin. This means, we are not going back to the RMDH this weekend. She will be back in the OR at 7:30 Monday morning.

They will not reopen, they will make another slit above and retreave this object. They told us they didn't want to have to shave anymore hair, but it is what has to be done.

I am about ready to fall off. Not sure how much more I can handle. I don't know if I should even tell her about this. I just breaks my heart. She should be doing well from the first surgery by Monday and now have to go back in??? I don't know.

If anyone has any spare SANITY, we could really use it!!!!


Anonymous said...

Girl, what else can go on with you guys. Good Luck, hope that it does not cause problems between now and Monday. I'll call you over the weekend to see how things are going. Enjoy you visit with Keegan, Nanna and Pappa. Say Hi to them for me and remind them if they need anything even a break to let me know.


Michelle said...

OH Man, you have to be kidding! I wish you were. Too bizarre! What do they think the object IS!??

I tried to call you earlier, but the line was busy. I hope things are uneventful this weekend!


Jean said...

huh??? Foreign object? Did someone lose a glove or a cotton ball?
Did someone lose a marble?

Keep up your sense of humor! Really, poor Riley! She's got to go through surgery again.

Good luck!

Kristen said...

Oh my goodness!!! How awful. I'll be hoping and praying for all of you.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you,
feel free to use some of my sanity,
Stay positive and think of the good things to come.
You are so rich to have all your beautiful children, and they are rich to have you!
Gudlaug (Kristinns wife) in Iceland.

Angela said...

What the hell! Did the doctor leave a tool in there or what! Unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

what do you mean "object"? do they have any idea what it is. Everyone mus be calling, because every time I tried tonight, your line was busy. I will try again in the morning.

Jen VW

Anonymous said...

Holy Cow!!! Someone turn the magnet off.


Anonymous said...

Oh Cin ~ when you asked on the phone what it could've been, I honestly had no idea. I'm glad they found it prior to you guys getting home and more problems developing!

I'm sending you all the sanity I have!

Keep asking lots of questions and EXPECT answers!

LeeAnn said...

Oh my goodness! Have some of my sanity...it's yours, you deserve it.
sending lots of Hugs and Kisses your way!
Hugo, LeeAnn & Mia

Meghan said...

Geez, this kid needs a break. You'll have to tell us what it is when you find out! At least they discovered it before you went home - it could have gotten really nasty if it caused an infection or something.

my4kids said...

I'm so sorry to hear that! Poor Riley and Mommy....
Hope all goes well from here with no other complications.

Anonymous said...

Hi, you don't know me. I read a bit about your family on Michelle Zoromski's blog. I am so sorry to hear your daughter has to go back into surgery right away tomorrow a.m. after just going through it. My prayers are with you. Kara Eisenga (Beaver Dam, WI)