Pictures 48 hours after

Update pictures... Riley took a big step today and wanted to go play in the playroom. SHE WAS GREAT!
Riley's first time standing.
Kind of like after your first c-section. :-)

Eating applesauce - that later came back up.

In the wagon - off to the playroom

Ummm - popsicle

playing doctor

The big ouch!


Barbie house


Anonymous said...

Well done Riley! Hope you're feeling better :)

debi said...

I am so happy to see her up and around already. What a blessing and what a beautiful girl is Riley. We will keep on praying.

Kristen said...

Awww looks like she's doing great!! She's got some beautiful jammies on. Much nicer than those ugly hospital gowns. That's got to make a girl feel better too. :-)

tish said...

Hooray for Riley! Looks like her neck is feeling better today.

Funny how that "cotton" post disappeared, isn't it Cindy??!!

Anonymous said...

Well Riley yeah for you girl. Uncle Mike and Aunt Mandy are so proud of you. We Love you and Miss you babe....

Anonymous said...

HOORAY FOR RILEY!!! Aunt Mandy and Uncle Mike say way to go girl... We miss you and Love you...Get well so we can hug you princess.

BoufMom9 said...

She looks wonderful! What a blessing!

Anonymous said...

Riley, you look great, keep it up so you are home soon.


Anonymous said...

Lookin Awesome Miss Riley!!!!

Keep up the good work!!

Joy & Anna

nailgirl said...

Get well soon girlfriend!