Blog a "girlfriend" for 30 days.

I have decided to give myself something to look foward to once Riley's ordeal is all done and over with. So, what better way than to blog a girlfriend for 30 days. Maybe not 30 days, but within a month. So, If you are one of my girlfriends, and you stalk me, and DON'T want me to write about us, please let me know.
Otherwise......watch for fun posts to come!


BoufMom9 said...

Define Stalk. LOL

nailgirl said...

Ok I am confused by the post. I am your online friend but i am not exciting so there is no chance that you would blog about me.

nailgirl said...

Oh btw... Can you email me your addy so that I can send you the money order.

allie said...

How fun, cindy!! :) You always have the cutest ideas. Hey, I have been meaning to tell you that I finally got in touch with Michelle- thank you again for getting us in contact with each other! Oh, and one other fun thing to blog about... http://spacefem.com/quizzes/colors/
It's another fun one!
I hope Riley is doing well- thinking of you.

my4kids said...

Haha that does sound like something to look forward too.

Lost A Sock said...

Ooh that is fun!

Thinking of you as the crazy week begins. Give me a buzz when you get the chance.