30 days of friends - # 1 ~ Kaci

A few days back, before surgery, I had posted that I was going to be doing 30 days of friends.

Well, today is Sunday and I thought today would be a great day to start. So here we go!

~ KACI ~
I am going to start with my friend Kaci. I thought it would be appropriate considering last weeks ordeal.

Kaci and I have a "different" relationship in that we have actually never met in person. But yet, I feel really close to her.

I met Kaci through the Craniosynostosis and Positional Plagiocephaly Support board when I was looking for information for Carson and Cooper almost 2 years ago.

Kaci has 2 children, 1 boy, and 1 girl, who both have been through surgeries for craniosynostosis, and the sugeries for chiari malformation. I do believe at one point she told me they have been through a total of 13 sugeries all together.

After awhile of emailing back and forth, Kaci offered to be our sponsor for the surgeries. She was my "go to" person when I needed to vent, or need a shoulder to cry on. She had all the answers I was always looking for.
Little did I know back then that she would end up being my mentor for 3 kids. She was also my go to person for Riley's Chiari surgery.

Kaci has been my lifesaver. I am not sure I would have gotten through 3 surgeries without her.

Thank you Kaci for all that you have done for me.

I promise, we will meet in person soon!


BoufMom9 said...

Isn't it wonderful to know there are people out there so loving and kind?
God works in such mysterious ways to bring us all together. He was certainly at hand when He brought Kaci to you.

Jean said...

What would we do without friends! How nice that Kaci can be your shoulder to lean on!

Anonymous said...


Woman, I'm honored. You amaze me with all you've endured...2 sets of twins, THE SPONGE!, .... I always enjoy our talks. I'm so glad that I've been able to be your support post and answer questions even as tough as they are some days. I've tried to deliver honesty without being frightening.

I've enjoyed our friendship as well. There's something about having a friend that can "identify" with the ups and downs of the same journey. I'm sorry though that you've had the same path. I wouldn't wish it on my dead dog! LOL

I look forward to meeting in person too! Its our goal for 08!

We have some extra cookie boxes leftover from our cases we ordered that the girls haven't sold. Tell Riley I have a couple coming her way! :)

Close this novel. Talk soon. love, Kaci

Anonymous said...

Hey, guess I what I just received! An email from ebay saying, "Check out the latest items from your favorite sellers on eBay‏". I opened the message... it took me to your bracelets for sale! Ok, so I stalk you here, we find each other on CAPPS, and now I get an email from ebay to find you too.... LOL Kac

Michelle said...

I have to agree that Kaci is pretty amazing. She is an awesome resource. You know ladies, I think I just MIGHT be a middle point between you two. ;)

Cindy, You are pretty darn remarkable yourself too! like I have said before it was great meeting you. You and Kristen made the night before surgery a lot of fun.

Hugs to sweet Riley!

my4kids said...

Sounds like a great friend even if you haven't met her in person yet! Sounds like you really need to though