"The back of my head is feeling better!?!?"

Really Riley? Are you sure? Balloons from Jacob, Tyler, and Haley
Valentine's bag hanging on her door for goodies from the staff.

We will be in the ICU again tonight. Not because she needs to be, but because all the neurosurgery beds on the regular floor are occupied.

For you that have my number, please don't hesitate to call. Matt and I could use some other contact.


Anonymous said...

Riley-What a strong little girl you are! You look amazing and hope you continue to feel better and have a speedy recovery! I'm sorry my care package didn't make it before your surgery but I hope it will be there for you when you get home! Julie-Seattle

Anonymous said...

Cindy, thanks for keeping us updated, Ellie has been curoius. I have worried about Riley.

Michelle said...

Oh my! That picture melts my heart. I think I have that exact same picture. But mine has a little boy in it. LOL

BoufMom9 said...

What a sweet little girl! So strong to say she feels fine!
Please tell her that all of my kids are thinking of her and making lots of cards to come her way!