Spare time?

A few of you have been asking, "Are you home relaxing now that the surgery is over"?

Well. No. The show must go on, even if I need toothpics to hold my eyelids open.

Here has been one of my most challenging projects. Carson and her "honeys" (unddies).

Oh, isn't potty training a joy?


Michelle said...

You know, what a great time to start potty training. I was just thinking, Boy, I bet Cindy has a ton of free time & Nothing to do. Now you have something to do! Haha

Hope you get caught up on rest soon - and now Brian's home & all is well here - let me know if there's an evening you can sneak away!

Kristen said...

Oh sure it is! (rolleyes) lol I recently went through that with my daughter and boy let me tell you I am SO GLAD TO BE DONE!!

She's so cute! She looks like her big sister :-)

Michelle said...

Don't hate me but potty training was easy here. (Thank goodness something is easy around here) But some of my friends have gone crazy over it. Then again, maybe I am already completely crazy so there was no where else to go...

She is ADORABLE and looks like a miniature Riley!

Lost A Sock said...


And also, you're scaring the bejezus out of me. Pardon me if I don't follow you down potty training lane for a good while, hahaha.

BoufMom9 said...

Isn't she cute!!!! Good luck! I DETEST potty training! UGH!

Anonymous said...

She really does look like Riley :)

Hope you get her potty trained soon!

(Just an FYI, I changed my blog, so you may realise a new blog is linking to you... that would more than likely be me)

my4kids said...

Oh yeah the funnest years of my life were potty training....uh not!
Good luck with that!

Hope you get some good sleep soon.

LeeAnn said...

We are also in PTH (potty training hell). Mia is my 1st & only child...so I know I'm doing everything wrong and she'll be wearing a pull up until she graduates high school.
Oh well, I have to give her and her future therapist something to blame me for right???

Hang in there, thanks for the continued updates. I check here often.


Beth said...

She looks cute in her "honies"! They look like Princess panties - I should know, I've got all that are available as an incentive for my 2 1/2 year old to potty train - but with no success!! We are of the school that she will do it when she's ready - but what about when momma's ready?????

She is very cute and good luck on the rest of your potty training adventure!