A great start to a shitty day

Bad things come in 3, right? Oh, I got more more thing comin' then!

First, Matt wakes up, gets in the shower, get's out, and the toilet is leaking - there is water everywhere. GREAT! So, we are now 1 potty short! Not so good since the first floor one will be out of comission in the up coming week!

Next, Keegan and I are running late, we jump in the car........crap - it's got a dead battery.
So, it's -10 without the windshield, we bundle up and try to get him there before snack time. God forbid we miss snack time!


Papa, Carson, and I are headed to CHW today to have her stint removed. Hopefully we'll get through all of that without a hitch.

Here's hoping that bad things only come in 2's!


Michelle said...

I blame the weather! for everything!!

Hope your trip to MKE was uneventful!

BoufMom9 said...

I hate when things happen like that! UGH! Today as a matter of fact, my DVD player died, my pipes froze and we found out we have mice in the house. UGH! (well, I can blame the weather on two of the three. Thanks Michelle!)