# 3 ~ Erin

Oh my good friend Erin!!! We too have been through a ton in our few years of friendship.

Erin used to live 6 blocks from me. We met at a twins club meeting a little over 4 years ago. WOW, 4 years already!

Erin and her husband Brian have twin boys the same age as Riley and Keegan. And now, an ADORABLE little girl besides! Hailey is to die for. She's so dang cute!

When we first started our friendship, we used to see each other quiet often at play groups and just out and about in the neighborhood. As our relationship got "stronger" (that sounds sort of funny) we would have play dates of our own (that sounds even funnier).

As our children grew, so did we. Erin was my "go to" girlfriend when I was pregnant with Carson and Cooper. On November 12th 2005, as I was on the phone with Molly, my contractions started to come closer and closer. Molly told me to get off the phone and call the hospital. So I did. When the hospital told me to come in, I needed someone to watch Riley and Keegan. The first person I thought to call was Erin. She gratefully excepted, and was willing to come to our house until my parents could there. After making the decision to bring Carson and Cooper into this world 9 weeks early, it was very important to me to let Erin in on our decision. Erin's boys were also preemies and she had the knowledge of the NICU that we did not.

Erin was the first person other than family to see Carson and Cooper in the NICU. She was with me the first time the nurse asked if I wanted to hold them. I will never forget the look on my face when they asked me. I looked at Erin and she said, "Heck yeah, give her some lovin'"

Erin and Brian are godparents for Carson and Cooper.

Erin was there when Carson and Cooper had there cranio surgery and when Riley just had her Chiari surgery.

The saddest day for me was 2 yrs ago, Erin and her family moved 1.5 hours away. I don't get to see her as often as I'd like. Imostly see her now on our trips down to Children's hospital.

I miss her. I miss her friendship, I miss the kids interacting, I miss everything.

Thanks Erin for always being there!

I love ya!


Anonymous said...

Wow Cindy! I am teared up as I read through this and reflect on all those good and could be better times. I miss you so much and I am thankful for phones, email and car trips! Thank you so much for being my friend. Even though there is driving distance between us I still feel like you are right down the block whenever I need you. Talk to you soon!
Your friend,

my4kids said...

Sounds like a great friend!