No News

For all of you waiting for the results of Keegan's MRI - you will have to hang tight a bit longer.

I have heard anything yet.

I got an email from our NS and he told me they view films on Fridays, but would get to Keegan's as soon as he could. I will keep you posted.

Sorry I have been behind on my "friends" posts. I just haven't been feeling like posting lately.

Maybe things will be better once I hear Keegan's results.


BoufMom9 said...

soory to hear you haven't heard.
I have been wondering where you are.
You definitely sound "down" right now.
I pray you will get some good news and it will life you back up.

Angela said...

I'm so glad you posted something! I was really getting concerned. I just keep praying it turns out to be nothing.

Come to the mall tonight and hang out with the exec board ... maybe it'll help clear your mind if but for a few hours.

Amy W said...

I hope you hear good news soon...

Anonymous said...

As you are too familiar, waiting is SO HARD.

I sure chuckled when I read your blog about the kids swearing. LOL I'm sure you're not getting the same chuckle, but I hope its made things a bit lighter while waiting.