Today at 3pm, the hospital and staff will be having the BIG "sponge" meeting. I should hear something tomorrow with all the details. I can't wait.

Also, Matt and I have decided to have Keegan scanned as well for chiari. He has been complaining about some weird leg pains, and is also becoming noise sensitive. He will go in on Friday for a 4 hour MRI.

Please keep him in your prayers.


Michelle said...

I didn't know there was a big meeting planned - but hopefully they can figure it out & prevent something like "THE SPONGE" from every happening again.

Good luck with Keegan - hope you get some answers (and I REALLY hope they're good answers!)

Kristen said...

Wow, I'm curious to hear what was decided at the big meeting. I spoke to Dr. Frim last night on the phone. We went over some questions that I had forgot to ask during our original appointment. One of them was the risks and he told me of several "incidents" that have happened over the years. (all were several years in the past and "haven't happened anytime recently" I found it interesting he didn't mention the sponge incident that happened just last month! BUT he probably didn't want to scare me too much right?? lol

Good luck with Keegan. I hope it's better news. You guys need a break! (((HUGS)))

my4kids said...

I'm so behind on reading everyone. I hope all is okay with Keegan...last thing you need.