Here is a short conversation I had with Riley today.

Riley: Mom, with 1 baby, moms have to push.

Me: Oh really? What happens with 2 babies?

R: With 2 babies, they have to cut them out. They cut out Carson and Cooper, and me and Keegan.

Me: Yes, yes they did. It's called a c - section.

R: I am going to have 3 babies. Guess I'm going to get cut.

Who says kids don't remember stuff?


Lost A Sock said...

Three babies!! Haha KJ always tells me he's going to have eighteen big kids and two babies.

I love that picture of Riley in the post below. I will buy a few bracelets when we come see you next weekend.

Lost A Sock said...

And before I forget to say this, will you reserve me the first two on her left hand in that picture - the pink/silver/black combo and the browns with the word pray? I love those two. I can pick from the rest when I get up there.

Now I'll stop placing orders in your comments section, hahaha.

Cole Twins said...

I can't wait to see you guys!!

The bracelets are on "hold" for you!

Talk to you soon!

my4kids said...

Three babies? She's too cute.