Happy 2 year blogiversary

Happy 2 year blogiversary to me!!

I can't believe I have been posting here for 2 years already!

Because this is a special day, I'm sharing some never to be seen AGAIN pictures with you!

Good thing I like you!

Last night, The Appleton West high school pool was officially dedicated to my Dad! Over 150 of his current, and alumni swimmers, and friends, showed up to wish him well.
After the dedication, somebody thought it would be funny to watch the OLD and more recent alumni swim. I told myself I wasn't going to do it. My age group swimming pals were all in town , and I was determined to watch the others make fools of themselves with them. That was UNTIL......1 one of the girls relays was short, and needed another body. They twisted my arm and here are some never to be seen again pics of me!

* Note: I have not swam competitively since college.....oh 13 yrs ago!

My brother and I "suckin" for air.

Keegan giving me a bit of a pep talk

I finished, I finished, I finished!!! It was fun. Thanks for talking me into it Barb!!!
Congratulations Dad! You totally deserve it!
I swam for my dad for 4 years, and my brother 3, but were pretty much raised on that pool deck!
Thanks for all the great memories!
We love you!
To read the article that was in the paper today, go to http://www.postcrescent.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=2008801260631


Meghan said...

You rock! I don't think I'd have the nerve to appear in a swimming suit post-twins...

Glad you had a great time. And it looks like your dad got a well-deserved honor.

nailgirl said...

You go girl!

BoufMom9 said...

WOOHOO! Good for you! I would've wimped out...that I am positive.

Lost A Sock said...

Ahhh!! You DID swim! Very cool. Was it just like old times? :o)

Cole Twins said...

Yah Moll, just like old times. But the funny thing is....I don't remember " jiggling" as much back then!! :)

my4kids said...

Happy blogiversary!

I don't know if they could have convinced me but then I never swam competitivly, ever...