Their leaving on a jet plane......

....tomorrow, and I am very sad about it. My parents are taking Carson and Cooper to my grandmas in NJ for 10 days. 10 DAYS!!! Did I mention they just turned 2???

Today, Carson, and I, had a very long day in Milwaukee. We went down to see the orthopedic specialist about her legs. Which, by the way, went very well. We also ended up at the doctors tonight because she has such a bad sinus infection its coming out her right eye, which has the stint, which is infected as well.
Do you see why I am nervous and sad that they are leaving? I know Carson doesn't feel well, so it might be a long flight for that sweet girl.

On top of my sadness, there is some good news. Riley got in to see the chiari specialist at University of Chicago. She goes Jan 17Th.
I am so excited. If I can wipe away the tears, you can see my smile!
I also believe they are hooking us up with the Ronald McDonald house! Bonus! Thanks Sheri for getting us in!

So f0r 10 days, I will be 2 kids less. I think I will take advantage of the 1 hour massage I got for Christmas.

Good luck Nana and Papa! Be safe. Take care of my sweet babies.
Love you.


Scrappy Rose said...

How completely awesome about the Chicago doctor!! Not even a horrible wait ... I would have thought months.
10 days with two less kids ... I think I would end up just pacing around the house wondering what to do with myself ... it's been so long with that much freedom, I'd be completely out of my element!!

Jean said...

That will be 10 long days without your little ones running around. And with Keegan and Riley in school... what will you do with yourself???
I'm so glad you didn't have to wait for the dr's visit for months!

Michelle said...

Hooray for the specialist appointment!!! Good news!

my4kids said...

10 days without the babies! I think someone else said it but what will you do with yourself?
Thats great they got her in so quickly and arranging accomidations as well