Just fine

At 8:45 am, Matt and I dropped off my parents, Carson, and Cooper, at the airport. I must admit, that part of me didn't want to see them off, but the other part wanted to make sure they got off all right. By no surprise, they did just fine. They got to my grandma's just fine, and everything is just fine. Hopefully, everything will stay JUST FINE.

Riley had her second eval with the speech therapist this afternoon. She did just fine. They did come to a conclusion that Riley has a very TINY gag reflux. So small that it's barley there. This is not uncommon with Chiari, from what I've read.

So from here, we will sit tight until January 17th, when we go to Chicago to see this man. There are no more doctor's appointments between now and then, and hopefully it will stay that way.

Good Night!


Michelle said...

Yay! Glad to hear they all had a safe trip AND you'll have a little less chaos at your house for a few days. Enjoy it!

We'll definitely have to sneak out for dinner next week some night!

my4kids said...

Glad to hear only a slight reflex.

Glad to hear they had a safe trip!
No appts till the 17th! Is that going to be a record? Seems it would be for us lately as well.