A little ME time

Today, I decided to spend a little extra time on ME for once.

For Christmas, I had received an hour massage. YAHOO!!! Someone (Matt, Mike and Mandy) knew I need a little ME time.
With the little 2 gone with nana and papa, I decided to take full advantage of it.
It was fun, and relaxing while it lasted, but folks.....not 12 hours later, and I feel like a mac truck ran me over again!
Did the massage even happen?
Will I ever escape this semi stressful life I lead?
I am starting to think not.
So, I will get my fingers all stretched out and ready to bead.
I am starting to believe it is my calling.

Good night!


Michelle said...

Well, I'm glad you had a little bit of time to yourself, at least! It was great getting out last night, we'll already have to do that soon!

Braden LOVES his bracelet! he was so excited!!

nailgirl said...

One word babe......... Tequila!

my4kids said...

At least you had an hour, right?
I know what you mean though.