Strike 2 and 3?

Ok, So I am not doing well with the blogger 365. I am trying very hard to keep up, but some days I just don't feel like blogging.

Anyways... tomorrow Matt, Keegan, Riley, and I are off to Chicago for Riley's chiari appointment. I am not sure what to expect, and the unknown is scaring me to death. I just hope my gut leads me in the best direction for her. I think I am going to sneak my friend Kaci in my pocket to help guide me.

Because we will have Keegan with us, we have decided that the boys will go out and do their thing during the appointment. We have been told it could take anywhere from 3 - 4 hours from the time we get there, to the time we see the doctor in the exam room. The museum of Science and industry is free for a week or so, so I am sending the boys there for a little male bonding time.

We also found out yesterday that we got into the Ronald McDonald house, so we will stay there at night. Friday, the Shedd Aquarium is also free, so we will go there for fun family time.

Then on Saturday, the Ray family will be up for Riley and Keegan's birthday party. I can not wait to see her kids. We haven't seen each other since September!!!

And who could question what we will be doing on Sunday?!?!

That's right baby..... Watching the Packers beat the pants off the NY Giants! (Sorry George!)


Michelle said...

Have a safe trip tomorrow! Sorry we'll miss you - but so glad to be home!

my4kids said...

I would be terrible at the blog 365thing I had a hard enough time getting posts in everyday on NaBloPoMo.
Some boy time for your boys sounds like a great idea.

BoufMom9 said...

Hi! I had followed your blog a while back and just refound you after I started blogging myself.

The RMD house looked wonderful. Saying prayers for Riley that all will go well with her surgery.