Oh what to do...

Before my little 2 come home on Sunday.

CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN. I have been putting it off all week until the last final minute. Who wants to do it more than you have too, right?

I must admit, I have missed my little bundles of joy. I've missed all the new phrases that Cooper has learned like, " I yave noonles" (I love noodles), and "Come on Papa"......
And Carson, "Nana, I sure hope she's potty trained". Every time I talk to my mom I hear in the background, "Nana, poddy!"

I can't really say I've been on a vacation without them, but it sure has been a bit easier to run around without them.
But Sunday will come - (after the Packers beat the britches off the Seahawks tomorrow), and I will run just as fast as Riley and Keegan down the hallway when my babies appear. Then, life as I know it will resume.

Good luck Nana and Papa, travel safe!


Michelle said...

I hope you enjoyed your time with two less kids running around - but I know it must have been bittersweet with them gone!

Enjoy their homecoming!!! Safe travels, Carson & Cooper!

my4kids said...

I bet you can't wait for them to get home!

I'm sure you've enjoyed it a little though right, just a bit?

Lost A Sock said...

Come home safe, kiddos!

Can't wait to see you guys next weekend.

Suzanne said...

hey woman! no, it wasn't severe...the babies had "preemie head" you know where it is narrow and all had flat spots on the back right side...they were just smushed in my womb. we are catching it early so it doesn't develop into cranio--

your kiddos are beautiful! how neat! two sets of twins!!