Blogger 364??

AHHHH I missed a day, ALREADY! On January 1st, I signed up for Blogger 365 (because it's a leap year) and I have already skipped a beat! Do you think it will help if I blog twice today? Should I post mark this one, JANUARY 9Th? Oh well, I guess there is nothing I can do about it now, but blog.

Yesterday, as I was cruzin' the internet, I came across "freewebs". Free web pages. How cool. What a perfect place for Riley to shout out to the world. I asked Riley if she wanted me to start a page of her own, and let me tell you, my ears are still ringing from her excitement!

So, If you are interested, please go visit Riley's new web page at:


Please feel free to sigh the guest book as well.

We will be adding more fun stuff to the page as we find time.

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Anonymous said...


Could Riley use some beads? Do you have a certain type of bead?

Let me know.