A BIG thank you to my good friend Debi for the blog makeover!! She did a wonderful job!! I just love it!

A big week ahead of us. On Friday, Keegan and Carson will see Dr I for the first time. He will help manage and keep their chiari malformation under control. Hopefully we will get some answers for Keegan - black fuzzies he has been seeing, his leg pain, headaches, etc...... It should be interesting.

Riley girlfriend, is doing alright. She forgets sometimes that she has an incision on her forehead. I will make the appointment 2 week appointment for her tomorrow.

Cooper, well Cooper is just Cooper. He is hanging tight for me. We'll get to him as soon as I have my bigger "fish" taken care of.

Oh yea, and my kiddos are on spring break this week! YEE HAAW!


Kath said...

I hope you have a great spring break!! And I love the bloggy makeover, it looks really cool :)

BoufMom9 said...

Glad you like it :)

I will be keeping you and the kids in my prayers...hoping you will get some real help for Keegan...

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness. Love the new page. Your friend Deb did great. The pics are amazing. love the slide show. glad to hear Riley is doing well. talk to you soon !