Headed East

Tomorrow is finally here! Carson, Jenni, and I will board our plane and head East to Baltimore. Johns Hopkins, here we come!
I can't even begin to tell you all the emotions that are going on within me right now. I'm scared, excited, nervous, relieved......it's amazing.

We heard yesterday that there will be a room waiting for us at the Ronald McDonald house and we will be there through Sunday morning

I will try to update with answers, thoughts, or anything else spectacular or not from Dr. Carson as soon as I can.

Our appointment is on Friday - sometime in the afternoon. We've heard its a lot like seeing Dr. Frim. Hurry up and wait. It could be a possible 2 - 4 hour wait to see him, but if he has answers....it will be well worth it.

Talk to you all from Baltimore.

Say a little prayer for my parents who will be assisting Matt with the other 3!


Michelle said...

GOOD LUCK!!! Have a safe trip and I hope you bring home many answers!

Kath said...


Having read Kaci's book I am completely confident your trip will bring the answers x

Anonymous said...

Cin - all appendages are crossed here! I'm hoping with you that he brings you the same peace and ability to provide answers that he brought us. Take baby steps to get through today, tomorrow and finding out what he has to say. I know its overwhelming....even if you come home to "journal longer". I'm so excited for you though and am confident in his abilities - obviously. Can't wait to hear what you find out.
All my love,

Anonymous said...

Good luck!!! I'll be thinking about you guys!


Jodi said...

We will be thinking of you too!! Good luck!