Ok, that's enough me time...back to the kiddos.

Catie, Dr. I's nurse, called to let me know that Carson's ICP placement will be on May 13th (Wed). She will be admitted to the PICU right away and instead of going to the OR like in Milwaukee, the surgical team will come to the PICU. The probe will be placed around 1pm and they will monitor her in the PICU for 24 to 48 hours.

I should also hear soon when her sleep study will be scheduled for. I know that they were hoping that it would be around the same time so that Dr. I would have both results for when we see him again.
Catie told me today that the results of both of these tests and the urology report will determine if surgery is the way to go or not.

We are still holding out for Dr. Carson. I was wishing we'd have the ICP report to show him, but he will have to do without.

Oh, also does anyone know where I cn get the larger size baby legs?? Like for a 3 /4 yr old? They are perfect for the hospital.

Thanks for checking in on us.


Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy,

Try Belly Beans they use to carry them

Anonymous said...

Do you mean the ICP results from the previous test or you were hoping to take a copy of the new test with you? My thinking is - he may not even agree with a new ICP monitoring since it wasn't very long ago. Here's hoping that you can get the old results to take with you and she doesn't have to have more monitoring done!

BoufMom9 said...

Ok, just a thought... how about the sleeves to old sweaters? (like adult smalls?) Maybe go to consignment shops and pick some up and cut the sleeves off?

Michelle said...

Well at least you're moving forward, right? You can order the bigger Baby Legs from the website ... I have 2 pair you could borrow if you want; they're the really soft ones.