Surgery, and procedures, and meds, OH MY!

Carson had an appointment with the Urologist yesterday and things went OK. I learned a lot.

I learned about a possible surgery she may need, about a procedure she will be having, and 1 new medication.

Here is the poop scoop from Dr. "K".

1. He thinks she has: Detrusor hyperreflexia; Irritable bladder; Spasmodic bladder; Unstable bladder; Incontinence - urge. She is on a NEW med for this.

2. He also thinks her bladder and sphincter are fighting. Bladder wants to pee, sphincter says NO, and that causes that urine to go back and forth bringing bactria in.

3. He is waiting to see how bad her kidney reflux is -When urine from the bladder flows back up into the kidneys, this is called vesicoureteral reflux. Urine normally goes only one way. When urine flows back up from the bladder to the kidneys, germs can get into the kidneys. This can lead to infection in the urinary tract. If reflux isn't noticed, the repeated infections can lead to scarring and disease of the kidneys. If it is bad enough, she may need surgery to repair the little flap in between the bladder and uteres (A small cut is made in the belly. The bladder is opened up and the affected ureter cut free. It is then folded and tucked under the lining of the bladder so that it can serve as a type of valve).

4. They are planning on doing a sedated CMG - cystometrogram (commonly referred to as a CMG) is an electronically recorded measurement of the bladder pressure, bladder activity, and the degree of sensation present during bladder filling. It may also be used to test the ability to initiate (start) and and inhibit (stop) bladder contractions. Trying to get that planned in May sometime.
AND at this point he is 85 % sure that it is neurological (Chiari 1 related).

I will be packing all this info up and taking it Dr. Carson, too.

So - that's that.
Thanks for checking in on us!


Angela said...

ANOTHER Neurological issue. Geez Cindy - what else. I'm so frustrated for you and the family. None of this seems at all fair. I can only guess what this could mean to you. Hang tough girl!

Hey, you should really get on Facebook - there is a lot of foolishness there - maybe it could be a de-stressor for you!

debi said...

I am keeping you and the kids on my prayer list. You are one super mom.

Kath said...

I'm praying Cindy x

Jodi said...

Hey Cindy!
Glad you got some more answers. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you guys a lot. I was at Aubrey's studio yesterday picking up some pictures, and I was a gorgeous little girl looking back at me! It was Riley's adorable headshot up on the wall. Soo cute! Your kids are just beautiful.

boufmom9 said...

WOW! Poor Carson (and you)
I am glad you have some answers and now know what you are dealing with, but wow.

Keeping you in my prayers!