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Many of you have heard me talk about my dear friend Kaci. The one who helped me through 3 cranio surgeries, and (who knew) 1 chiari surgery. This woman has been my life line when things have gotten tough. Why? Because she has BEEN there!

It has been amazing to have Kaci as my friend. It's one thing to have people understand craniosynostosis. It's one thing to have people understand chiari malformation. But it is a whole different story to understand both - and Kaci does.

Kaci and her husband , Rea, have been through it all. They have 2 beautiful children, Madi and Austin and between them they have endured 13 painful surgeries for cranio and chiari.

This last year Kaci witnessed something fabulous - the publishing of her book Light Will Emerge. The story of their life with cranio and chiari. I would highly recommend reading it. It will shed a little bit of light on what we are struggling with.

Here is a little intro:

Book Title: Light Will Emerge

About the Book :

Kaci’s children have craniosynostosis, a condition where the infant skull sutures (openings) fuse early and a secondary condition, chiari malformation, caused by the growing brain pushing its way down the spinal column. With 13 surgeries between the children, the Kings are often asked how they manage daily life along with the difficult diagnoses and seemingly endless trips to the operating room. Finding help did not come easily. Kaci trusted her instincts and pushed on, focusing on the children’s health and leaning on sources of strength. The conditions could be fixed once they found a doctor who knew how to help. Their continued search led to Dr. Ben Carson, Chief of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital: an angel in disguise. The children would have suffered gravely without the treatment they so desperately needed.
As Dr. Carson states in his foreword, "In Light Will Emerge, Kaci King has provided a wonderful mechanism to gain foreknowledge of the difficulties of navigating the medical system…” There is hope even in the worst of situations, blessings when most aren’t sure any exist. Life is about attitude. Kaci was taught that for every action, there is a reaction, good or bad. She shares her family’s journey: how they coped; how they found their inner strength; and how not knowing what else to do, they prayed. Kaci offers a wealth of information explaining the medical conditions, websites and online support groups. Through this book, she sheds light on what helped them overcome obstacles, how they found strength during difficult times, and encourages others who may feel hopeless. Kaci shares the heartache and many blessings received throughout this journey.
Light Will Emerge enables parents and caregivers to push on to find help in a medical crisis and hopefully to help medical professionals understand their very real story.

About the Author
An Ohio native, author Kaci King has been on a significant medical journey with her children. Her children have taught her many of life’s lessons. With that, she’s had some of life’s greatest ups and downs.
Aside from being a mother, Kaci is also a wife, daughter, friend, business owner, farm owner, author, pianist, 4-H mom, Girl Scout leader, traveler and horseback rider. Kaci and her husband, Rea, have two children, Madi and Austin, who share two medical conditions called craniosynostosis and chiari malformation. Kaci is one of two siblings raised in Lewistown, Ohio. Kaci graduated from Indian Lake High School in 1991 and obtained her college degree from The University of Findlay in 1995.
After the children were diagnosed, Kaci became an integral part of internet support groups, helping others along the same journey. She currently manages an international family match up program with pre- and post-op families to provide the family going through surgery with additional support from parents who have already been through it for a support group called Cranio Kids. Along with organizing this support system for others, writing has been very healing and rewarding for her.
With this book, Kaci hopes to be able to help those navigating the medical system, those that aren’t going through a medical journey but need to realize that hope can exist even in the worst of situations, and also those that are juggling the same diagnosis.

I could not be more happy for Kaci! She is an amazing mother, an awesome advocate, and I am so proud to call her my FRIEND!

If you are interested in ordering the book, please go here:



Anonymous said...

I'm so honored. I think you're amazing. The people you've helped educated with these conditions through your blog has been unreal. I'm always amazed how many people visit here and from so many countries. I'm honored to call you my friend. And yes, its nice for me too to have someone that has been through both and understands everything. love ya!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention - the books have now been ordered by people living in 3 different countries - obviously the US, Canada and now England. :)

Anonymous said...

Another update - the book has now been ordered by people in 5 countries - add Ireland and the Netherlands to the list. :)