Seriously? Are you FLIPPING kidding me???

I am so PISSED.

Ok....On the 19th, Keegan was riding his 2 wheel bike and another older child crashed into him. He fell and grabbed his arm. I placed ice on it and nothing became of it. He would whine about it every now and then but nothing MAJOR.

On the 21st... he was not feeling good, vomiting, temp of 101 &102, wasn't peeing and was in pain. I took him to the ER and told the ER doc about his arm as well. They xrayed his chest, but because he was using his arm, refused to xray it because he said it could not be broken.
His diagnosis - dehydration. NOT!!
I have seen dehydration, he was NOT dehydrated! I think it was his arm/pain that was screwing with his body.
So, here we are 1 1/2 weeks later and he is still complaining about his arm and now there is a lump where he says it hurts.
I took him to the Ped and she had him go in for an xray. YES, he BROKE his ULNA bone!!!

He is now in a beautiful blue cast, and will have it on for 2 weeks. At that point they will re- xray it. The fracture has already began to heal incorrectly. The orthopod is hoping the muscle will help bring his bone back into place. If not, they will need to reset it and start over!! HOLY CRAP! COULD THINGS POSSIBLY GET ANY WORSE AROUND HERE?

Carson is healing well, again. The derabond seems to be working well.

Yes, I am totally feeling like my life is a HUGE test right now. Maybe you have to be tough for SAINT hood? Who knows..... but I am sitting all my kids on the couch and we are going to stay there until school starts in Sept!!


Michelle said...

My advice? Come over. Bring margaritas!

OH MY WORD!!! Well ... at least the cast looks super cool! I can't believe they had him in the x-ray room & didn't peek at his arm! What the heck?!

Terri O'Laughlin said...

Oh man! So sorry you are having to go through all of this! Glad to hear that Carson is healing well

BoufMom9 said...

Geez Cindy! Take Michelle up on the offer and head over for margaritas!!!

Angela said...

Un-flipping-believable! You couldn't even make up this much crap! I've heard of kids going with broken body parts for a while - I just never met one - I even saw him on Saturday -- just goes to show how resilient and tough kids can be! This clearly is a time when the doctor/ER should have caught it though. Yeah, I'd be thinking seriously about the sitting still until September thing --- but I'd make sure to have the margarita!

Jean said...

Man oh Man. Maybe you should just have the kids play in a rubber padded room with soft blocks. I hope Keegan's arm heals the correct way.

Jeni said...

Cindy, the same thing happened to Eli when he broke his leg. We went to the ER and because he stood up, no x-rays, and sent home. He was 20 months, we ended up at the ped a week later with x-rays, then the orthoped a few days later, he broke it and was in a cast for 1 1/2 weeks.

Anonymous said...

I had that happen when I was in kindergarten with my ankle. I walked just fine. But it was indeed broken. :(

Poor guy!