639.7 miles later - We're Home!

Ah, it's been a long week for Carson and I. (I am sure it's been one for my mom too, who has been in charge of the other 3 as well.)

After 639.7 miles later, we have 99.9% of the answers we went to seek out.

We saw Dr. K - NS at CHW and it was a very pleasant visit. We talked a bit about the ICP results and talked about what's to come next, and we both agreed that Carson needs surgery now. She is no longer sleeping through the night nicely. Meaning, she just doesn't rock, and go to sleep, wake up, rock, and go back to sleep. She is crying, screaming, and not wanting to lay flat..... which is all from the high pressure I am sure
She is more aggressive, easily gets agitated, is regressing - rocking on all 4's just like a infant learning to crawl. Not good.

So, while we were in the appointment, they called Dr. J, and they together agreed to meet TODAY to make a plan - when the surgery will be, what type of vault repair are they going to do? (believe me, none of the choices are pretty)
Dr. K is going to be out of the country the 2nd week of August so he may have Dr. Lee, or Dr. Lou step in. At this point, I can't worry which NS will assist in the surgery. All I can about is doing the right thing for Carson before her head explodes.

I am hoping that I will hear from Dr J's surgery scheduler today yet or tomorrow with the game plan.

Please keep Carson in your prayers as we go through another cranio surgery.

As for me? Don't ask.


Barbara Manatee said...

I'm glad you're getting some answers, but can only imagine the worry of what's ahead! I hope they give her the utmost priority and help her out ASAP! I can't even imagine what she's feeling. Hang in there...my thoughts are with you.

Michelle said...

Um, that's a LOT of miles! Glad to hear you're home again. Hope you get some answers & a plan soon!

Anonymous said...

(((HUGS))) love, Kaci

debi said...

Keeping you and your beautiful children in our prayers.