Going National

As many of you know I have been a member of our local Mother of Multiples club. The club is now part of the national group and every month the national group gets our news letters. Here is what was posted in the national booklet for the summer:

"I keep thinking about how we can keep our family and friends connected with our busy lives, especially with multiples. How do you stay connected? How do you you become better at getting connected? Everyone always was wants to see pictures with the Easter bunny, or just copies of scribbles from your two yr old. Recently, my grandfather was talking to my dad on the phone and asked why I had sent him 2 scribbles of paper of m twins fabulous Elmo pictures, and didn't write him a little hello note. My dad simply just said," probably because she didn't have time!" Well, It was true. I sighed. I thought enough of him to send a little scribble from each kid, and felt that was enough with the time I had at the moment. While I was listening to my dad, I thought to myself, hmmmmm....maybe a blog would be a good idea to start for the family. Well, It;s great but grandpa is 80years old and doesn't have a computer and probably doesn't know how to turn one on. What a wonderful idea, just not a good fit for our family.
Recently I read the the Fox Valley Mothers of Multiples newsletter and they showcased a family who has some health issues. One of the twins, Riley has a rare brain malformation , Chiari malformation. Her mother , Cindy was very resourceful. She uses a blog to keep families, friends, and her local club updated on Riley's health issues. I am sure with the overwhelming help, love, and concern, she has has saved her entire family such grief. FVMOM has kept it's members updated by posting the blog spot in their newsletter. What a unique and special way to pay close attention to a valued member and her family. Unique cases posted on the Internet via blogs are excellent avenues to allow other mothers of multiples to search. The Riley case was particularly unique because of the health issues being rare. By reading this, I hope that I touch someone else who may need this type of resource. By using the Internet we are very fortunate to research such rare condition and find others going through a hard time or just simply to chat when we are having a bad day. Check out www. coletwins.blogspot.com
The club has also made bracelets to keep up Riley's spirits. Kudos to the FVMOM club for their planning, dedication, and donating to such a wonderful member.
To Cindy, I ask that you keep blogging. You touched me and have inspired me. "

Thanks NB. What a wonderful article!
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Michelle said...

HOW COOL!! Sad to say, I don't read my national magazine.

Barbara Manatee said...

Very cool! What a nice note and honor! Much deserved. You are such a great advocate for your kids and their needs. Keep up the great work! I don't know how you do it ALL!