Moving to Chicago

Carson that is. I have done a lot of thinking, Matt has done some research and we will be moving Carson to Chicago to be with Frim.

It makes more sense to me to have ONE set of doctors who will take care of her cranio and chiari. Not bouncing back and forth btwn CHW and University of Chicago.

I have been emailing Frim and he is willing to meet and take Carson's case on with his CF team. WAHOO! Something in my life for one is going to go a bit smoother! What's not to like about that.


Michelle said...

um, hello scary title! I thought you were leaving me!

So glad Dr F will take on Carson, completely! Isn't it awesome, having docs who email? love that!

BoufMom9 said...

Good for yu! Happy to hear something is going smoothly for once!

Barbara Manatee said...

Yeah! So glad there is good news to report this week! Good luck!

Michelle said...

YEAH!! I hope that McKinnon is the plastics. He is AWESOME and I heard a rumor he is back at U of C! He did both of Gabe's cranio surgeries.

Good Luck!

tish said...

So do I understand it to mean you're letting Carson live with Frim until he gets everything fixed?

What a deal!

Jean said...

I'm so glad that Dr. F will take on Carson. Makes it easier to deal with one hospital, one team, etc..

Kristen said...

Hey there, that's great! I read your post on Nic's Caringbridge and his pressure was 31 1/2. (I don't know why they don't just say 31 or 32, but whatever!)

Anonymous said...

Cindy ~ I think you made a great choice! Its a great thing to have one team managing all the neuro stuff. Keep us posted on what Frim decides to do with Miss Carson.

Sorry I've been MIA... been really busy since the 4th weekend with getting ready and going to our fair with Madi's horse...thats another story. :)