Gain weight, Lose weight, REPEAT......

Oh my god. I can't even begin to tell you how this rollercoster is KILLING me.

It seems like I work my A** off to lose, and the minute I put my guard down I have gained. It just stinks.

I have been able to juggle a lot of things in my life, but for some reason I have not been able to juggle the stress of medical issues that are over taking our life and losing weight.

Down 90, up 30, down 20, up 18..........I JUST CAN'T WIN!!!

Does anyone have any tips for me? Because it's a cinch that neither will be going away anytime soon!!


Anonymous said...

Its the stress!!! TRUST ME. I haven't had much success either in the last few years. I seem to keep creeping up. So in March, I joined aerobics. In May, I weighed myself, there was no change. At least I wasn't going up, but not down either. But for the first time in a long time, some of my clothes, or at least some areas are getting thinner. I swear my gut and rear will be the last to go.

Give yourself time. Don't beat up on yourself. You have enough on your plate to juggle right now!

Jean said...

Ah, if only I knew too. I agree that it is the stress. My husband says not to buy the food. And that helps somewhat. But when I'm in a rush and the kids are crying because they are hungry... I still stop at McDonalds.
It worked for you once. It will work for you again. Maybe you and Keegan can take walks instead of bikerides? :)