Update on HELL week

Just thought I would post the first update from our doctors appointment in Chicago.

Today, we saw Dr. "R", who is the plastics surgeon, equivalent to Dr. "J".
He was VERY nice and Carson and I both liked him a lot. He and Dr. "J" are very similar.
He too, believes that Carson needs surgery sooner than later. He felt her head and when he felt the bump on the top of her head he said" yes, I believe she is going to need a redo".
So, here we sit.

We are now in Milwaukee getting ready for our morning appointment with Dr "K". We should get the info from the probe surgery and to see when they want to do surgery.

I will post again tomorrow night from the RMDH.


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Michelle said...

Thanks for the update! I was thinking about you & Carson today. Hope the rest of the week goes smoothly & is uneventful - and I hope you get some answers & put a plan together.

Then? When you're home? Let's get a drink!